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Episode 12 --- M.J. Fièvre

This episode of the ReadMore podcast was sponsored by the Miami Book Fair International.

M.J. Fièvre does it all. She writes plays. She writes poems. She writes short stories. But she recently sat down with us to talk about her memoir, A Sky the Color of Chaos. It's about her childhood in Haiti, which primarily took place in the 90s.

As a child, M.J. was tormented by her dad, a moody man who beat her and her mother. The memoir primarily focuses on their relationship. Despite his abuse, M.J. still found things to admire about her father and still longed to be close to him.

While things were tumultuous inside her home, the outside world wasn't much better. Haiti was unstable during this time suffering from one coup after another. M.J. grew up hearing gunfire at night and even saw a man murdered on the street when she was a young girl.

This memoir is M.J.'s first book in English. She's written nine books in French. And, she also teaches writing at Miami Dade College.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Interview Highlights:

M.J. Reveals...

- why she has a weird relationship with nonfiction

- how books helped her survive traumatic events

- which books she calls an insult to literature

We have a free, signed copy of A Sky the Color of Chaos to give away to the first listener to send us a tweet (@ReadMorePodcast) or write on our Facebook page the series of books that M.J. read in Haiti to learn English.

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