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A Brand New Reader

Just a few days after our last show went live my husband and I welcomed a new reader into the world. Our son, Garvey, was born on November 28. Since then, I've been adjusting to life as the mother of two. We also have a daughter who will turn four this week.

Last year, dealing with my pregnancy while also working and producing this show became too much to handle, so I had to put the show on hiatus. But we will be back very soon. Look for interviews in the coming weeks with Siel Ju, the author of Cake Time and Tamika Gibson, the author of Dreams Beyond the Shore. I'm also chasing some other exciting writers. Please stay tuned, and thanks for being patient with us.

In the meantime, please go and check out any of our previous shows that you might have missed. We still have several books to give away. To win, just listen to an episode, then come to the website to read the post associated with that episode. You'll find a question there about what you've heard. If you're the first person to send the correct answer to the ReadMore Twitter account or the ReadMore Facebook page, we'll send you a free copy of the book discussed in that episode. It's that easy.

Naomi Jackson's The Star Side of Bird Hill, Jim Shepard's The Book of Aron and Daniel José Older's Midnight Taxi Tango are just a few of the signed books available for lucky listeners.

As I mentioned, we will be releasing news shows soon. Until then, I'm Marva Hinton reminding you to ReadMore.

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